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 As a USA citizen it is hard to find a good, reliable online casino to play.  Many have shut down, some do not accept Americans, and there are definitely bad online casinos that are out to steal your hard earned money. was designed to provide US casino players with all the key information when selecting an online casino;.  We have many years of experience in the online casino industry and have used our knowledge to research a wide variety of different casinos that accept US residents.  We looked at what is important to American casino players and you will find our results below.  There are a lot of good online casinos to play, and we hope to have made your decision easier.Good luck playing!

RankOnline CasinoUS PlayersRatingBonusReviewPlay Now
Casino TitanYESUS PlayersRating$1000
Club World CasinoYESUS PlayersRating$777
Grand ParkerUS PlayersYESRating$2500
WinPalace CasinoUS PlayersYESRating$1000
Lucky Red CasinoUS PlayersYESRating$4000

Best Online Casinos

There are a lot of good online casinos that cater to Americans, but when it comes to your hard earned money you should expect the best! American players have good online casinos to choose from and for those US residents who are relatively new to finding an online casino there are a few keys things to look for. This includes ensuring that the casino has a 24 hour customer support center with either a toll free number, email that is responded too quickly or live chat. Due to gambling regulations most companies will not be located in the United States, however you should make sure that they have English speaking agents from a reputable country. If the company is willing to cut corners on customer service they probably are not the best online casino. lists the best casinos accepting US players that you will find. We have done the research and reviewed all casinos to ensure that you will only get the best. There are many great online casinos that do not accept Americans due to regulations; although there are definitely some bad casinos to be aware of. If you keep to the list here, you are sure to find top rated casinos.

Casino Deposits

Any American who’s tried to play at an online casino will tell you a major frustration can be making deposits. There’s no secret that it can be challenging at times, and players need to understand that there are no perfect casinos. With that said, some are better than others and the advantage of the best online casinos is that your money is safe.

The reason for the difficulties depositing is related to the UIGEA which was passed in the fall of 2006. It essentially puts the responsibility on the banks and forces them to try to identify and stop online gambling transactions. The online casinos are aware of this game and have multiple avenues for players to safely deposit funds.

We at have two tips for US players. First, if you have troubles making a deposit always contact the casino’s customer service department. They can inform you what’s working on particular days and help you through the process. We can’t count the number of times that we thought our credit card wouldn’t work, but after speaking with the CS rep we were able to make a deposit. Secondly, be open to trying different deposit options. Some of these options might take an extra step or two, but once you have them set up they can be quite convenient; our favorite deposit option for Americans with credit card failures is EZ Voucher, check out the casinos that accept it.

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American Online Casinos
In October of 2006 the Bush administration passed what is known as the top US casinos have incentive to impress USA customers and show them a great casino experience.
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Our website, has been online since January 2011 and is run by individual with a great deal of knowledge about the online gambling industry. Our leader, started working in online gambling back in 2005 and has consulted some of the largest brands in the industry. This website was created as a past time to share the wealth of informative after seeing too many players getting screwed. There are definitely good online casinos to play, even for US residents, but without knowing the industry and understanding how to look for it can be tough to choose from the hundreds of online casinos.

We pride ourselves in providing knowledge for players and help them create a better gaming experience. At the end of the day, every knows (or at least they should) that the house has an edge. But the odds should only be against players in the casino games, not in getting paid or dealing with customer service. Armed with knowledge and understanding of how the industry works and who the good guys are, we believe playing at an online casino is just as exciting as hitting your local land based operation.

Most importantly, we are players too.

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