Three Card Poker

Three card poker, also known as 3 card poker or tri card poker, is one of the most entertaining casino games that you can play online. Although three card poker has been available at online casinos since they first opened, the game of three card poker as it’s played today is actually one of the newest casino games; having been played in land-based casinos for less than 20-years.

If you haven’t played three card poker before, the thought of doing so can seem a little scary, but three card poker is actually one of the easiest casino games to both understand and play. As part of our series on popular online casino games, we’ve put together the rules and basic strategy below, you’ll be ready to start playing three card poker online for real money.

Three Card Poker Rules

The game of three card poker is played between the player (you) and the dealer. The main objective of the game is to get a hand with a higher rank than the dealer’s. The possible hand ranks in three card poker, from highest to lowest, are a straight flush, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a pair, and a hand with a high card.

Types of Wagers

In three card poker, there are three combinations of wagers that you can make; you can place either a Pair Plus wager, an Ante wager, or you can place both wagers. If you place an Ante wager, you are wagering that your hand will be higher-ranked than that of the dealer’s. If you place a Pair Plus wager, you are wagering that your hand will consist of a pair or better and the dealer’s hand is irrelevant (unless of course you place both an Ante and Pair Plus wager).

After you have placed your wager(s), three cards are dealt to you and three cards are dealt to the dealer. If you placed a Pair Plus wager, the wager will be settled immediately before play proceeds. If you placed an Ante wager, you will need to decide whether to continue the hand by raising (adding an extra wager equal to your initial wager) or folding (forfeiting your initial wager). If you elect to continue by raising, your hand will need to be higher-ranked than the dealer’s hand in order for you to win. However, the dealer’s hand must qualify with a high card and a queen or better, which means that you can win even money on your Ante wager and push on your raised wager if the dealer doesn’t qualify.


Basic strategy calls for you to place the Ante wager only while playing three card poker because the casino has a higher advantage when you play the Pair Plus wager, but it’s ultimately just a matter of preference. Many people enjoy playing the Pair Plus wager because it makes for a faster game and you aren’t required to make any decisions, but others enjoy playing the Ante wager because there is some decision making involved and you have slightly more control over how much you win or lose. There are also people that enjoy playing both wagers at the same time, so like we said before, it’s really just a matter of preference as to which wagers you’d like to make while playing three card poker. Here’s a video review of three card poker if you’d like more information.

So go ahead and give three card poker a try, today!