Casino Withdrawal Process

You play at an online casino so that you can withdraw more than you deposit. If you’ve visited the local casino getting your cash is as easy as hitting the ‘cashier’ window; but if you read casino forums you may have seen posts or reviews from casino players who have run into challenges withdrawing their funds. Here we will demystify the process, explain why some people have issues and give pointers on what players can do to ensure a smooth withdrawal process.

Understanding Withdrawals

A common complaint that you might see at casino forums is “the casino had no problems taking my money, why is there a longer process to withdraw the funds?” The reality is that online casinos are frequently hit with fraud to a level that most legitimate players wouldn’t believe. There are fraud rings who use fake ID’s, multiple IP’s, fraudulent credit cards and a whole host of other techniques to try and defraud the casino. There’s also the reality that even good players can and do charge-back.

In the local casino it’s all cash and charge-backs aren’t possible, once they have your money there’s nothing you can do. Because of the fraud rings, and ability for players to charge-back casino’s have to be extra vigilant with withdrawals. As you build up a history with a particular casino, the withdrawal process becomes much smoother; it’s usually the first one that takes a little extra time. And remember to take what you read on casino forums with a grain of salt. You never know who’s posting such comments, it could be a unscrupulous competitor or a fraudster trying to get the casino to pay up to avoid a public confrontation.

Casino Player Verification

No casino player wants headaches or general uneasiness when making a withdrawal, so understanding the process is key. All casino’s that we’ve come across require players to fill out some sort of verification form. The standard process is to ensure that you are who you say you are (some sort of picture ID) and that you live at the address you used. With those two pieces of information, there is a greater level of certainty that you are legitimate. When you request a withdrawal casinos will ask you to fill out a verification form and either email or fax the necessary documents. This is standard procedure and nothing to be concerned about.

Players sometimes question why casinos wait until the withdrawal to ask for these forms and the reason is two fold – first is the reality that the majority of players don’t withdrawal so having all players go through the process is extra work. Secondly, it could potentially scare off clients and casino’s don’t want it to be an onerous experience. But many of the more reputable casinos are now putting their verification forms online and players can be proactive to submit it, or if you don’t see one just ask a customer service rep.

Withdrawal Tips

The best advice is to know and understand the process of your chosen US online casino. Most likely they will require you to submit documents, and if you want to make your withdrawals easier then go ahead and submit them prior to your first request. We also recommend making a small withdrawal to get one under your belt (as we say the first can take the most time), just make sure you’re aware of casinos withdrawal fee structure. Sometimes they waive or reduce one or two withdrawals per month which you wouldn’t want to waste on a test withdrawal of $20. And finally, nothing beats choosing a highly recommended casino as they want your business and won’t scam you.

Good luck at the tables!

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